Jujustu Kaisen S2 – 22 – Random Curiosity

Jujustu Kaisen S2 – 22 – Random Interest

変身-弐-(Henshin -Ni-)
“Metamorphosis, Part 2”

Oh? A timely review, genuinely? We still have one episode left, so try not to get used to it. JK. Now that my office work is finally over, I can spend my days lounging around and playing video games for money. a capitalist system, I say. On the third, I return to my office. Aside from my life update, let’s talk about the episode.

I’m ready to go for it. As I noted earlier, this finale, while essentially the same, was much harder for me to see in the manga since, in my opinion, the major fight works so much better in anime, and the manga’s best moments are fully realized in this adaptation. Take the moment when Geto ultimately drives out Mahito. In these last moments, Mahito virtually begs to live, to continue alive. The manga has a very distinct vibe, almost like, “Oh yeah that happened.” I’m pleased with how they are handling the source material because of this. They are taking chances everywhere they look and doing anything they want. However, this is advantageous since manga does not usually translate to animation. It appears that the director is doing a fantastic job of capturing movement in the panels. I’m gushing, though. All that’s different is the experience.

Alright, so why Uzumaki? Don’t quote me on this because I can’t really recall where I saw it (maybe Reddit), but I believe Gege intended to honor Ito Uzumaki from Junji by including it as a unique skill. Yes, the well-known horror comic Uzamaki about a village engulfed in a spiral. The man who morphs in the well is, in fact, that man. It’s actually nearly uncanny how identical they are. Perhaps I read about this in the manga’s pages. Don’t quote me again, but there is a similarity. And it’s large enough to provoke these kinds of ideas. Furthermore, Geto’s attack shares a name with Junji’s Ito title piece. and is even strikingly comparable.

In addition to stating the obvious, I felt that it would be helpful to reassure anyone who might be unsure if that was the case. It certainly is. Nevertheless, Choso eventually makes his appearance and reveals to the audience that he is, in fact, Yuji’s elder brother. Though it’s all incredibly sophisticated, he’s not talking gibberish. In reality, Yuji is linked to Choso. The complete revelation of this relationship will likely occur in the upcoming episode. In this episode, they handled it as a major story aspect. which I found enjoyable. Choso has officially joined the good boys, so to speak. In the manga, Choso has a significant role later on! At one point, Yuji even starts to get used to his calling him oni-chan. Yes, it has to do with blood. About twenty years’ gap.Once more, how old is Yuji?

The strategy has slightly changed, but Choso gives it his best since he values brotherly love above all else and will stop at nothing to protect his otto-to. But Geto is unconcerned.

Although we were pressed for time, I would have preferred an Itano Circus-style fight, which is why I like this one. Another small moment that I appreciated was when Yuji seemed to be going to let his hair fall down, but he forced it back up. As if his appearance and hair were crucial to maintaining his strength. In an attempt to defend everyone and exact revenge on Mechamaru, Miwa also made an appearance. But as if she’s incapable of finishing anything. This girl has to finish cooking and return to OP. And in a last-minute double cross. Calling back to an earlier scene from the start of the season, Yuki shows up. In actuality, what type is Geto?

Still, this is Infinity War, just with Jujutsu Sorcerers. eager about the upcoming week. What do you think?

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