Ore dake Level Up na Ken – 04 Random

Ore dake Stage Up na Ken – 04 – Random Interest

“I’ve Gotta Get Stronger”

I’m not sure. Was it just me, or did the animation seem a little stiff? For instance, the moment when Jin-woo releases his projectile to assist the assault team with the golem at the end of the episode—which was meant to be the most amazing scene—felt a little flat. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there’s a general stiffness to the show that is especially noticeable in background characters, and action scenes that are meant to be intense feel a little boring? Again, this is just my opinion, but I’m starting to see that a lot of shortcuts are being done, and the general buzz surrounding this program has been gradually dwindling. With the exception of manhwa lovers like myself, I haven’t noticed many others talking about it. I don’t think it will go above and beyond what it has already accomplished, especially because some of the more exciting battles are saved for far later in the narrative. Therefore, I’m not sure if A-1 wanted to take advantage of the manwha’s success and expect that viewers would disregard it as generic anime garbage.

Here’s the thing: Solo Leveling, which debuted in an attempt to capture some of the shonen market last season, isn’t exactly impressing me. Last season, we had the fantastic animated show JJK, which was breathtaking in every way. Each episode was greater than the last. Nevertheless, I’m having pleasure seeing Jin-Woo finally grow up and start taking aim at opponents despite being unaware of his actual potential. We also have Solo Leveling Arise to anticipate. Additionally, they’re posting weekly previews on their Twitter account (no, I’m not calling it X), which almost entirely outsell the anime itself. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. Even though it’s a marketing gimmick, the anime itself seems lacking when those little bits are viewed alongside the show.

The need for so many flashbacks was another thing that kind of bothered me. I understand that they are necessary to emphasize that particular part of the story for Jin-woo’s benefit, but the only real flashback was the one in which the elderly man (I can’t remember his name) exhorts Jin-woo to disprove everyone because he is being persecuted and referred to as the weakest hunter in human history, or something similar. I’m getting off topic, but everything else was just superfluous. I realize that my criticism of the anime is a little harsh, but I kind of expected more from an adaption that I love; I thought this might be my next JJK, but the animation is simply not good enough. Not in the manner that I was talking up JJK, telling all my pals they were missing out, and raving about it. In Solo, the animation is a little mediocre overall, but if you’ve read the comic, you’ll have a good time, so it’s all okay. The reason we watch anime mostly is that it’s animated.

I enjoy how Jin-woo is gradually evolving into the brave-faced, beloved Jin-woo that we all know and love. Yes, he gave the snake a great embrace while essentially strangling it!

Oh my goodness, it’s a little awkward that the anime is trying to brag while Arise is gradually using the momentum to increase viewership and viewership for their Netmarble game. Which, hehe, jk, I could absolutely review for RC *wink**wonk* Unless?

The stylish and eye-catching animation of Arise is just what this series sorely needs. I’ll still be watching, though, so let me know if you share my sentiments. Oh, and I apologize if this review is a little delayed—next week is my birthday! I finally had some time to sit down, wrap things up, and write this review. What are your thoughts on Solo Leveling thus far?

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