Ore dake Level Up na Ken – 05 & 06

Ore dake Degree Up na Ken – 05 & 06 – Random Interest

Episode 05

“A Pretty Good Deal”

Alright, so a good justification for my week-long absence is required. As I mentioned in the last piece, it was my birthday, which coincidentally usually seems to coincide with a long weekend vacation in Mexico. I guess you’ll just have to give me a break! Let’s just say that it was a well-earned sabbatical, and I’m back and ready to continue reviewing Solo Leveling. Furthermore, since Enzo has given me the series, I might even take up Frieren. Some of you are probably groaning at the very concept. Alright, let’s handle it. Naturally, that is assuming I can catch up, as I’m a little behind. Still, nothing is insurmountable with a solid marathon. Everything is, of course, up in the air, so keep an eye on RC; we’ll keep you informed if anything changes.

All right, enough about announcements; let’s analyze Solo Leveling Episode 05. This, at least in my opinion, is where the tale really takes off. Sung has been through a lot and has finally seen his series truly take off. I really enjoy his new appearance because it also signifies a shift in his personality. In addition to being more attractive, he exudes a mysterious air that will make all the females swoon. Naturally, one of the nurses goes above and above by requesting his phone number. Yes, he’s certainly gaining a lot of attention. Sung has been training hard to gain those muscles, so let’s not blame him if he is still unaware of it! Even further, the system acknowledges it by accelerating and strengthening his growth.

I believe that the show’s tempo, which alternates between shots of Sung exploring the dungeons and other characters, is a little startling and may turn off a lot of viewers. Since there is constant action in the comic, the animation feels slower, which is detrimental to solo leveling because most people these days don’t have the time or attention span to connect with anime. I’m aware that playing Granblue Relink on my PS5 is more enjoyable than having to watch content in a passive manner. Though I don’t get as eager to sit down with solo as JJK did on a weekly basis, it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun. This pace alone is appalling.

Later in the episode, Yun-Ho Baek (Touchi, Hiroki) makes an appearance in the form of an interview. He is seen training and barely even breaking a sweat as he cuts a huge crack in a very enormous rock. He is the White Tiger guild’s master and will emerge as a major character much later in the narrative. like, really, really later. Maybe we’re taking S3 things. Even yet, I find it a little odd to have to care for these supporting characters who will never even be significant; yes, it’s necessary for the worldbuilding, but for the time being, all that matters is that Sung succeeds. That can be challenging because the show frequently cuts from Sung to other characters who are pursuing their own interests. But when Jin-Ho Yu reappears, it’s much simpler to feel sorry for him since, in addition to having seen him previously, he also makes his attempted debut with Sung, and as EP 06 demonstrates, he does so quickly, winning our respect and devotion.

The major plot twist in this episode is that their C rankers use Sung and Yu as bait so they can hide all the loot for themselves, trapping them within the boss room. The episode closes on a really suspenseful note because of the guy who forced Sung to sign the contract absolving him of any responsibility. He passed away, therefore I won’t be looking up his name because I can’t recall it. Fortunately, Sung was on the defensive and already had a nose for this kind of activity. Since things start to get serious in the upcoming episode, let’s move on.

Episode 06

“The Real Hunt Begins”

Alright, so what matters at this particular moment? A ridiculous summary, of course! Well, what about the ongoing boss fight? That isn’t significant; we should extend it throughout the entire episode. I was telling myself, jokes aside, that this was a superb recap right in the middle of a boss fight. All I want to know is what will happen to Sung!

But by the time OP arrived, I was completely captivated!

The rest of the program was excellent, but the animation could have used some work. There were certain views, like the opening one where the dying party is leaving the gate, that reminded me of an American cartoon. At last, Sung displays his lethal resolve by pulling out his claws. advancing the notion that he is far more capable than any other ranker in the world. Not only that, but the system forced him to go on a desperate search and bestow grace on all these individuals who had presumably done worse deeds in the past. In a dungeon, anything can happen, and you never know what can occur. Saying things like “these people were MiA” and “since both of them are weak, they get to hide and run away” allows Sung and Yu to get away with their actions. Nobody looks away. That, in my opinion, is the reason Sung went on this murderous rampage. Is it difficult to support someone such as this? Not in my opinion, as the C rankers had already made up their minds to kill and abandon Sung and Yu.

Since Yu is the first to recognize Sung’s power in the comic, I really admire him. Sung doesn’t feel guilty about killing insects and spiders, but he stops at human blood. But in this instance, it doesn’t really matter because the system wanted him to murder the victims. I adore that he experiences many things, such as exhaustion. I promise that all this boss needs to do to complete the MMO inspiration would be to begin projecting a red circle around this strike region.

Oh, and the man watching the city is the brother of the man Sung killed at the end. He will play a significant role in the story when he finds out about his brother’s passing and plans to kill Sung! Aside from that, I thought it was a fantastic episode that kept me interested the entire time because the animation finally started to become better. Knowing A-1, I’m hoping for flawless production!

End Card

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