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Embark on a heart-pounding journey with AR DriftClub, where the art of drifting meets cutting-edge banners. Unleash the spirit of drift as you immerse yourself in a world of adrenaline-fueled excitement. Our Oni Banner, inspired by Japanese folklore, adds a touch of mystique to your experience. Are you ready to embrace the thrill? Your adventure begins with the Oni Banner – a symbol of power and precision in the world of AR DriftClub. Push the limits of your skills, and ignite the passion for drift. Join us, experience where every curve is a canvas, and every drift tells a story. The Oni Banner is your ticket to a realm where the thrill of drift meeting the ancient allure of Japanese folklore.

Their heat-welded hems and grommets are incredibly durable, even in harsher weather conditions. These printed designs come in high resolution. Choose between vertical and horizontal orientations.

.: Material: Titan™ 10 oz. scrim vinyl
.: Features heat-welded hems and grommets
.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
.: NB! Hanging strings not included

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