ARDrift Racing Factory Car Mat | New & Limited #1


Custom car mats from Japanese anime-inspired designs ARdrift Racing Factory car mat. Featuring non-slip rubber backing & 20oz polyester needle punch surface. Perfect for adding a touch of character to your Nissan S14.

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Unleash Your Inner Racing Spirit with the ARdrift Racing Factory Car Mat

Add a touch of personalized style to your car with the ARdrift Racing Factory Car Mat. Perfect for car enthusiasts, this 2-pack set features a non-slip rubber backing and a 20oz polyester needle punch surface, providing both comfort and functionality for every drive.

Anime-Inspired Design

Take your customization game to the next level with the Japanese anime-inspired design, available on the Nissan S14. Show off your passion for both racing and anime with this unique car mat.

Unleash Your Creativity

Each 2-pack of car mats features a 20oz polyester needle punch surface, perfect for displaying your custom artwork. Whether you’re inspired by your favorite anime or just want to showcase your own personal style, these mats allow you to put your own spin on your car’s interior.

Safe and Secure

Not only do these car mats look great, but they’re also functional with a non-slip rubber backing to keep them in place while you’re on the road. No more slipping and sliding around in the driver’s seat! Get your Ardrift Racing Factory car mats today!

Upgrade Your Nissan S14

These car mats were designed with the Nissan S14 in mind, but they’ll fit any car with ease. So, whether you drive a Nissan S14 or any other vehicle, you can give it a custom touch with ARdrift Racing Factory car mats.

Get Yours Today

It’s time to upgrade your ride and give it the custom touch it deserves. Get your hands on ARdrift Racing Factory’s customizable car mats and unleash your creativity today!

.: Polyester needle-punch surface
.: White base and black trim
.: Non-slip rubber backing
.: Set includes 2 front car mats


2x Front mats
Width, in 17.00
Height, in 27.00
Depth, in 0.25


Weight N/A


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