Silent Hope Game Review

Silent Hope Recreation Evaluate

Fans of Rune Factory and Story of Seasons must first understand that Silent Hope is not an agricultural simulation game. Yes, the cows that are wandering around the hub are from Story of Seasons, and farming and cooking are significant systems. Even the primary weapon types are reminiscent of those from Rune Factory. However, this is not Rune Factory. Whereas XSeed previously improved upon Story of Seasons by transforming it into an RPG, Xseed now audaciously goes further to develop a much more intricate RPG, detached from sim features or the friendships typically present in their revered farm sim series. You’re likely to feel let down for a while if you came to Silent Hope expecting a Rune Factory. There isn’t much opportunity to engage with the cows, there isn’t much involvement in growing food, and there are no skill values to consider when manufacturing weapons.


But all of this serves to make Silent Hope a dungeon crawler rather than an RPG with farm sim components. Instead of using sophisticated methods for cultivating livestock or crops as there formerly were, you now leave raw resources at your center to create ingredients or materials as you explore the dungeon. Your animals require fodder, seeds discovered in the dungeons produce new harvests, and runes obtained from fighting monsters power the entire economy. It’s a delightful mechanism that makes exploring dungeons rewarding because, even if you pass away soon, there will always be something waiting for you at home. Even better, by using your facilities, they gain expertise that paves the way for more advancements.

In terms of the actual dungeon excursions, it’s a user-friendly system. Your seven heroes each stand for a different class and have a distinctive playing style. While it is possible to concentrate on just one character or one type of weapon, Silent Hope encourages employing the other heroes frequently. You can swap your heroes by using crystals associated with the Princess, which, although they are ostensibly for escaping the Abyss, also provide your new character a bonus dependent on the hero they are replacing. As in any good dungeon crawler, the “mementos” (i.e., weapons) you find in dungeons are randomized and may contain a variety of rarities and alternating skills; it is in your best interest to make the most of any player who is fortunate enough to have a Legendary weapon available for them.


Dungeons having a broad diversity of monster kinds also helps. In each of the randomly selected floors of the Abyss, you can anticipate a standard spread of “small enemy/ranged enemy/big beefy enemy” themed monsters, but the sub-variants always manage to keep you on your toes in some way. Once defeated, certain enemies cause status illnesses or detonate into a cloud of lesser opponents. Of course, you continue to attack by pressing the A button. But given the promise of loot around every corner, the pattern and tempo of dungeon exploration feel soothing and attractive. Death is always a possibility, and dying in a dungeon returns you to the hub without all of your gains (it appears that the rarer drops are typically left behind the majority of the time). The dungeons also have a variety of entertaining surprises, such as statues that present tasks to be fulfilled on specific floors in exchange for experience and runes or mirrors that transport you to “dark” variations of levels with more powerful monsters—and higher potential rewards. There are many traps you may use to kill large groups of monsters at once, or you can participate in monster rushes, where you must fight waves of opponents to move forward.


In Silent Hope, progress is also a cycle that becomes addictive. There are seven playable characters in the game, and each one has the ability to equip up to three skills and acquire up to six more via leveling up or moving through the Abyss. The skill points obtained by leveling up can be used to enhance these abilities, and at any time, if you decide to focus on a different skill set, you can press a button to recover all of your points. Your character’s level doesn’t even change—no fuss, no new things. The siren’s song of the rare artifacts lurking in the Abyss is sufficient motivation to rejoin the fight. There is also always something to look forward to thanks to the abundance of talents or gem slots that your equipment may have. For dungeon crawlers, none of this is really unique, but it’s all handled very nicely for the first time. It never feels like you’re slogging through dated content to get to the good stuff since your time as a player is honored. The apparent attempt of Silent Hope to link to Story of Seasons may be its biggest mistake. Even though the primary dungeoneering cycle feels quite satisfying, you begin to wish for a little more from the game. Cows from the Story of Season are entrusted to us, but we are not even allowed to pet them. There is a lovely, adorable patch of land for growing crops, but everything is done in a clinical manner with a menu—no strange twists or frills. It almost feels like a twist is about to be revealed, such as a shady mobile game system that demands payment in order for you to unlock other crops. But there is never a twist.

Silent Hope utilizes its aesthetic beautifully, at the very least. Aiming for a “storybook” aesthetic, Silent Hope wildly succeeds; the playable heroes are all endearing and memorable in their designs, the monsters are disarmingly cute (and include the beloved Rune Factory Wooly in their number), and the levels have tons of adorable details in the backgrounds, like little crabs waving at you from the river or festival lanterns scattered in the darkness.


Silent Hope does a fantastic job of encapsulating what makes these games so addictive for a first attempt at a dungeon crawler. There are no bad characters, the gaming loop is interesting, and it’s also visually appealing. Even seasoned Diablo fans might want to check this out if they want a nice break from all the hardcore grinding, even though there is still much potential for improvement.

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