Tangle x Cast 22: Interview with Voice Actress, Amanda Gish

Tangle x Solid 22: Interview with Voice Actress, Amanda Gish

Welcome to episode 22 of the Tangle x Cast! We’re excited to share with you today an interview with actress Amanda Gish, the voice behind Witch (Goblin Slayer), Hop (Dragon Ball Super), Kinoko (My Hero Academia), and many more anime and gaming characters! In a roundtable setting, she talks to us about finding bonds through anime, romanticizing the ordinary, taking a healthy approach to cosplay and work, and much more in a wide-ranging discussion with our fellow fans-to-professionals, Eryn and Paris. Come join them along with Tyler and guest host, Twwk, as they chat, frolic with Ichigo and Sesshomaru (you’ll just have to listen), and much more on episode 22 of the Tangle x Cast!

0:00 Introduction and Revisiting Joy
2:23 Paris Turns 30
4:25 Welcome, Amanda Gish!
7:17 Anime Mad Libs
13:23 Interview and Discussion: Amanda Gish
52:13 Cast Question
52:34 Closing

Cast Question

Are you pursuing your dream job or passion?

Podcast Links

  • You can follow Amanda on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for more fun fandom, anime, and daily life content!
  • El. Psy. Congroo. Yes, it’s J. Michael Tatum, kicking off the episode!
  • Check out video from Paris’ birthday blowout.
  • The characters that Amanda has cosplayed include Link, Misa, and many others.
  • Check out all the other things that Mike, Paris, Tyler, Eryn, and Dennis (our editor and the fourth member of the Tangle x Cast team) are doing.
  • Not to worry, folks! Mike will be back next episode!

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