Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown "The Racer" Trailer Shows More

Check Force Limitless Sun Crown “The Racer” Trailer Presentations Extra Recreation Modes & Customization; Closed Playtest Coming Quickly

Nacon’s new film shows more of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, which we hope will come out in 2024. “The Racer” includes races, tuning, and customizing your own car.

The nearly three-minute clip goes over a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively, as it shows off some important game features and places. But, as you might guess, racing is what the video is all about.

We see some details about how the game’s livery maker and tuning cars will work after a short intro. However, even at 0.25x speed, it’s the kind of thing where you blink and miss it.

You might guess that the Customization area is split into two sections: Performance and Cosmetic. The Performance section has six areas for improving the performance of the car, and the Cosmetic section has three types of cosmetic parts and the livery editor.

The Engine Kit includes the Intake, Ignition, Valves & Camshaft, Pistons & Flywheel, and Exhaust. The Suspension & Brake Kit includes the Suspension and, you got it, the Brakes. The Transmission Kit includes the Gearbox and Transmission. The Aerodynamics Kit includes the Chassis and Aero. Finally, the ECU is available.

Each part has five grades: stock, performance, sport, super sport, and race. Some parts have special names, like short/long/versatile gearboxes, off-road/all-road suspension, and off-road/semi-slick/slick tires. They basically correspond to the levels of common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary, which means that there is a chance of getting or finding parts outside of the shop.

You can paint your car in what seems like 256 different colors and finishes, such as chrome, matte, metallic, pearlescent, satin, solid, and carbon. You can also choose from maker colors. You can also use stickers, and each car can have up to 500 of them. The stickers come in what looks like a set of pre-made shapes.

In the Cosmetic area, you can also get new wheels, window tints, and, most surprisingly, completely different colors for the internal trim…

As long as you know how to use “presets” in TDUSC, you won’t need to know much about tuning cars to get the most out of them.

This lets builders make cars that work well in different types of driving modes, like off-road and trail, sport and circuit, dynamic and relaxed road modes, or rain and cross-country. Each one is ranked based on four factors: its ability to speed up, slow down, turn, and handle.

You can also get custom driving aids, and there are options for beginner, intermediate, and expert. Keep in mind, though, that if you use more driving aids, you will earn fewer Solar Coins from races…

The trailer then hits the road and makes its way to a race track. That seems a little off, since the game is pretty much an exact copy of Hong Kong island and there isn’t a constant race track there.

Although the name “hippodrome” means “horse course” in English, and the fact that you can see the 830ft Highcliff and 720ft The Summit towers (also known as “The Chopsticks”) make it seem like it was probably once the famous Happy Valley horse track. It’s not like they’ll use it for horse races…

Now you can race! There are many types of races, such as time attacks, sprint races, circuit challenges, and a game called “domination” that gives a prize to the player who is in first place at each checkpoint. By chance, some of these events may be chosen to be Solar Crown “Hot Heads” and “High Stakes” races.

We also see a quick head-to-head “instant challenge” in the trailer, along with the planned events. In free roam, this lets you challenge (or be challenged by) other people you find. The finish line is chosen at random. KT Racing also says that after the start, more race types will be added, including some “popular ones from TDU2.”

Soon, you’ll be able to try this out for yourself too, since Nacon has d a third secret playtest event.

Nacon says that the last Playtest had about 5,000 participants. Anyone who took part in either of the first two Playtests will be automatically invited to the third, but people can also sign up for it on the main game website.

At this point, no one knows when it will happen, but Nacon says it will be “in the coming weeks” and will be open to more people from more places than before.

We don’t know when Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will come out yet, but the last time we heard, it would come out in February or March 2024.

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