The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Anime Series Review

The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Anime Sequence Evaluation

I believe we’ve all experienced the realization that life isn’t always how it seems in the movies. It’s not always the case that the good person prevails, and perseverance isn’t a magical potion that delivers ultimate success. A wise man once observed, “You may lose even if you don’t make any errors. That’s life; it’s not a weakness.”

When it comes to love, this is double true. Realizing that certain individuals will never love you, no matter how much you love them or what you do for them, is one of the most devastating realizations in life. Many find it difficult to accept this reality since it is so hurtful. It may signal the end of one chapter in your life, but when you accept it for what it is, you’ll discover that a new one has begun. That is the main idea of The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist.

Wataru is a young guy who has spent the last several years focusing only on one thing: attempting to win Aika over. His whole world changes as he acknowledges the anguish and mental suffering he has caused her. He tried his hardest to win her over throughout his time in school. He obtained high scores only to brag about them. That drive has now vanished, and he has to find another way to go on.

A significant portion of the narrative is on Wataru’s aimless quest to find purpose in his life. He can now see things objectively thanks to his new viewpoint, which makes him well qualified to assist others in his immediate vicinity with their interpersonal issues. Students from all across the school notice him right away because he knows when to intervene and when to let things evolve organically. They can all see his brilliance and potential, should he ever find the will to pursue it again.

However, this is just part of the tale. The other is the aftermath that his pursuit of Aika has left behind. It’s only a first step to just stop pursuing her. Wataru has taken all reasonable steps to lessen the damage he may have unintentionally caused her, either by stepping back from the matter entirely or by cooperating with her.

It’s noteworthy to note that, despite Aika’s intense annoyance at Wataru, she didn’t detest him. His unwavering presence was comforting in the constantly shifting world of adolescence, at least somewhat. She is also completely shocked by his abrupt exit from her life, which makes her reassess her goals for her education, her friendships, and her life in general.

Put another way, this is the tale of two teenagers coming of age and beginning to see the world for what it really is, complete with all of its subtleties and complexity.

The anime’s presentation is as mediocre as it gets in this regard. It’s never blatantly awful, but it also never achieves something really lovely. The school environment is realistically rendered, however it also blends in. Although the music does a good job of evoking certain feelings aurallly, I have a hard time recalling a single subject or tune—not even the beginning or finish.

Your ability to sympathize with Wataru will determine how successful or unsuccessful this anime is. Even if he sometimes errs, if you can relate to him, you will love every step of his quest to improve yourself. But if you’re not into Wataru, there’s not much in this anime to pique your interest. He is the central character of this tale, for better or worse, and the anime makes a big effort to highlight him.

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